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Booking Conditions

VAT Number 714 9838 05.    

Travel Trust Association No. T6816        ATOL no. T7172


A contract will exist between you the client which shall include all persons on whose behalf the client books and us, Rediscover the World (hereinafter called the Company), when either a signed completed booking form has been received or a written authorisation to proceed with a booking together with a deposit or full payment and a confirmation invoice has been issued by the Company. The client confirming the booking shall be liable for full payment for all those persons to whom the booking  applies and for other persons the Company was subsequently requested to book and in respect of whom the Company issued an invoice. Once a contract is made the Company is responsible to the client to provide the holiday the client has booked and the client is responsible to the Company to pay for it in each case subject to the terms and conditions below. Should flights be booked through us either as part of a package or as a separate item the Company will book the flights on your behalf with an ATOL holding agent for whom we act as agents and flight bookings are subject to their booking conditions. When a flight booking has been accepted by us we shall issue to you an ATOL Receipt which confirms that the money for the flights is held by us on behalf of an ATOL holder; a contract will exist between the client and the ATOL holder once they issue a Confirmation Invoice which we shall send to you as soon as we receive it. All other arrangements are provided under a separate contract from the flight arrangements and will be invoiced separately.


We usually require a deposit of £150 or its equivalent per person (excluding infants under 2 years on the date of departure). The total balance shall be payable 8 weeks prior to departure. Payment may be made by cash, cheque (you should allow up to 5 working days for a cheque to clear), Visa card, Mastercard or any Debit cards. In the case of a booking being made within 8 weeks of departure full payment will be due at the time of booking. In the case of telephone or email bookings being made a contract will come into existence immediately the Company orally or by email confirms the booking. The client is then deemed to have accepted these booking conditions which form the basis of all contracts. If you make a booking through a travel agent any money held by the agent will be held on behalf of the client until confirmation of the booking is sent to the client. Thereafter any money held by the travel agent in respect of the booking is held on behalf of the Company.

Please note your holiday may be cancelled if you fail to make payment on time and you would then be liable for the cancellation charges set out below.


The prices quoted on this website are in UK Pounds Sterling unless otherwise stated and are intended as a guide only. The Company reserves the right to raise or lower any prices at any time before your booking is accepted. If at the time of booking the price is different to that in the brochure you will be told the revised price applicable before the booking is made and any reason for this. Once a booking is made the price of the holiday is guaranteed and will not be subject to any surcharge with the exception of the following although Rediscover the World will endeavour to absorb any or all or a proportion of any such charges on your behalf.

  • New airline taxes
  • New Government taxes
  • New tourist taxes
  • Rise in fuel cost cited by the airlines
  • Exchange rate fluctuations relevant to the package.
  • Brexit implications (see below)

In the case of the above the Company will absorb and you will not be charged for any increase equivalent of 2% - this excludes any amendment charges or additional services.

If the increase in holiday cost is more than 8% of the price of your confirmed holiday, excluding amendments or additional services, you have the option of:

  • Accepting the new price and paying the requested amount
  • Cancelling your confirmed booking and receiving a refund of all money paid to us except for any amendment charges, additional services or travel arrangements which do not form part of your package.
  • If you decide to cancel you must do this within 7 days of being advised of the revised cost and this must be done in writing (email is fine)


On 31st January, 2020, the United Kingdom withdrew from the European Union pursuant to Article 50 of the Treaty on European Union ("Brexit"). There is great uncertainty about how this will affect the UK's future relationship with the EU. In particular, Brexit may have a substantial adverse impact on our or our suppliers' ability to perform your booking ("Brexit Event"). For instance, it may be that the airline operating the flight element of your booking will not be able to operate the flight because of the loss or restriction of air traffic or transit rights or the right of the airline to enter any airspace.

For customers who have yet to depart, our obligations to you under your booking are conditional upon there not being a Brexit Event. If, in our reasonable opinion, a Brexit Event has occurred, we will inform you as soon as possible in writing, upon which we will both be relieved of any further obligations in relation to the booking. If this happens, we will return to you any payments you have made in respect of your booking, which shall be the full extent of our obligations to you. We will not compensate you for a Brexit Event.

Since the BREXIT decision by the UK we reserve the right to add any costs for holiday bookings which increase as a result of new trading conditions imposed due to leaving the EU; this includes (as mentioned above) substantial changes to the Sterling vs Euro exchange rate.

Brexit is an unprecedented situation and completely outside our control but we will endeavour to minimise any disruption or inconvenience to our customers. However certain travel arrangements may be affected by the country's decision to leave the EU - this could include loss of flight routes, access to airports and changes to visa requirements of UK citizens. We would have to treat any of these incidents as Force Majeure and whilst we would try our utmost to provide alternative arrangements or refunds (where possible), we would not be liable to pay you compensation.


If you have a special request that does not form part of the holiday described on this website or in your confirmation invoice such as dietary requirements or room allocation please advise us and we will always try and meet such requests in good faith but cannot guarantee to do so. In no circumstances will such requests be accepted by the Company to form part of our contractual obligations and the Company will not have any liability if they are not met.


All amendments you wish to make must be confirmed in writing either to the Company or the travel agent through whom you originally booked. If you wish to change any details of your booking after we have sent confirmation of the booking we will do our best to accommodate the changes. If we are able to accept the changes we will usually charge an amendment fee of £25 per person for each booking change. A change of name for arrangements exactly as booked does not constitute an amendment unless flight tickets have already been issued in which case an amendment fee will be applicable subject to each airline's individual policy. If the amendment is made to increase the number of passengers this does not constitute an amendment in the definition above and no fee will apply. If the amendment results in a decrease in numbers you may be liable to pay an amendment fee, under-occupancy charge, single supplement or incur cancellation charges as set out below - therefore if the number of a group is reduced each of the remaining party may have to pay more. Changes will be charged at current prices, excluding any special offers, and not those of the original booking. If you wish to make any change while on holiday such as upgrading your accommodation or extending your stay all requests are subject to availability and any extra cost must be paid locally to our handling agent.


If you wish to cancel a confirmed booking this must be done in writing by the person whose name is on the booking form or designated as lead passenger on the invoice. Cancellation will only take effect once the Company or the travel agent with whom the original booking was made has been notified in writing. The following cancellation charges expressed as a percentage of the total cost of the booking excluding flights, insurance premiums and amendment charges will become immediately payable to the Company. Please remember these charges will also apply if you have failed to make payment on time and the company cancels your booking.

Period before scheduled departure date within which notification is received by us.
Charges are as % of total cost less flights, insurance premium and amendment fee.
More than 35 days
14 days to 35 days
 Less than 14 days    100%

If you have booked a flight through the Company; we will have acted as agents for an ATOL holder and you will be subject to the ATOL holders cancellation charges. If you have to cancel for a reason covered by your insurance policy you may be able to reclaim your cancellation charges, excluding the insurance premium which is not refundable.


All flights purchased on your behalf by the company are done so on the understanding that the Company is acting as an agent for an ATOL holder. When you travel by air, land or on water the relevant transport company’s ‘Terms and Conditions’ will apply to your journey, some of which may limit or exclude their liability to you. The Conditions of Carriage of the transport company should be attached to your ticket when it is issued.

Any timings, carriers, types of aircraft or any other information concerning travel or resort transfer times you may be advised of either in this e-brochure, on any other documents or verbally are for guidance only and are subject to alteration and confirmation. Specific instructions and actual departure times and details will be shown on your flight or ferry ticket which will normally be issued to you a minimum of 2 weeks before your departure. You must check these carefully and thoroughly. The Company cannot give any guarantee of flight or ferry departure times or resort transfer times. The Company does not accept any liability for delays in your flight to and from the UK, whether the delay is caused by adverse weather conditions, rescheduling of departure times by the carrier, the port or airport authorities and/or the action of air traffic controllers, mechanical breakdown, strike or industrial action or any implications from Brexit. However in certain circumstances you may be able to make a claim under your insurance policy. Notwithstanding the above the Company and the carrier will make every effort to reduce the discomfort suffered by you as a result of the delay.


The Company reserves the right to make changes to holiday and website details both before and after any booking has been confirmed. Most changes will be of a minor nature and have little effect on your booking. In all cases we will inform you directly or through your travel agent of any changes as soon as possible, but will have no other liability to you. Any flight details you are advised of are for guidance only and are therefore provisional; actual flight details are shown on flight tickets when they are issued. Occasionally we may have to make a significant change to your booking for example a change of accommodation where the new accommodation is of a lower standard or a change in the dates of your holiday. In all cases of significant change you will have the choice of either accepting the change in arrangements, purchasing another holiday from us and paying or receiving, any price difference or cancelling your holiday completely and receiving a full refund

Important Note: The Company regrets that it cannot accept any liability if it is forced to cancel curtail or in any way, change your booking or if the performance of our contractual obligations is prevented by circumstances amounting to ‘force majeure’. These include but are not limited to war, riot, civil strife, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, technical problems with transport beyond our control, closure or congestion at airports, stations or ports, adverse weather conditions, the implications of Brexit and similar events beyond the Company’s control.


The Company accepts responsibility for ensuring that the holiday which you booked with us is supplied as described in this website and the services offered reach a reasonable standard. If you have any justified complaint about any of the services forming part of the holiday we have confirmed we will offer you reasonable compensation. In the case of flights where we are acting as agents for an ATOL holder we accept no liability for services provided by that ATOL holder whose conditions will apply, some of which may limit or exclude their liability to you. We  accept liability for the acts and/or omissions of our employees, agents, suppliers and subcontractors where they were at the time acting within the scope of their employment. The acceptance of liability under this paragraph does not however apply where you suffer death, bodily injury or illness except as provided in the ‘Personal Injury’ clause below or where any events or circumstances amount to ‘force majeure’. These include but are not limited to war, riot civil strife, terrorist activity, natural or nuclear disaster, fire, technical problems with transport beyond our control, closure or congestion at airports, stations or ports, adverse weather conditions, implications of Brexit, the inability of airlines to operate flights as a result of the UK’s decision to leave the EU and similar events beyond the Company’s control.

Whilst the company may provide pre-booked transport to and from a country or territory, the individual entry requirements for each destination are the customer’s own responsibility; these include but are not limited to - identity documents, visas, health certificates and proof of financial independence.

In respect of services supplied by air or sea carriers our liability in all cases shall be limited in the manner provided by international conventions. In all cases except where personal injury, illness, death, loss and/or damage to luggage or personal possessions result our liability is however limited to the relevant holiday price of the person or persons affected in total. In case of lose and/or damage to luggage or personal possessions including money we will have no liability as you are presumed to have taken out appropriate insurance cover before travelling.


We accept responsibility should you suffer death, personal injury or illness as a result of any failure to perform or improper performance of any part of our contract with you by any of our employees, agents, suppliers or sub-contractors providing they were at the time acting within the course of their employment except where failure to perform or improper performance was due to acts and/or omissions or those of a third party not connected with your holiday and which were unforeseeable or unavoidable or an event which either ourselves or the supplier of the service(s) in question could not have foreseen or forestalled even with all due care. In addition please note that in respect of all services provided by air and sea carriers and hotelkeepers our liability in all cases shall be limited as if we were carriers and hotelkeepers within the relevant international convention. It is however a condition of this acceptance of liability that you notify us within 14 days of your return. In the event of such a payment being made you must assign to the Company and/or our insurer all rights you may have to pursue a claim against any third party and to provide the insurers or ourselves with all the necessary assistance.


If any client suffers death, illness or injury by misadventure whilst overseas arising out of activity which does not form part of the foreign exclusive holiday arrangement or excursion arranged through us, we shall, at our discretion offer advice, guidance and assistance to help you resolve any claim you make against a third party, provided we are advised of the incident within 90 days of occurrence. Where legal action is contemplated our authority must be obtained prior to commencement of proceedings and be subject to your undertaking to assign any costs recovered or any benefits received under the appropriate insurance policy to ourselves. Our costs in respect of the above on behalf of you and your party shall not exceed £5000 in total.


It is a condition of booking that all clients have adequate insurance. Insurance premiums must usually be paid at the time of booking in order for cancellation cover to be effected. You will further be responsible for paying to and indemnifying the Company for such sums the Company meets on your behalf.


FCDO advice

Please note that the Foreign, Commonwealth & Development Office (FCDO) currently advises against all but essential travel to a number of overseas destinations, including popular holiday destinations in which we operate. However, many of these destinations remain open and welcoming to UK tourists and flights to and from these destinations continue to operate. Whilst holiday destinations remain open to UK tourists, flights continue to operate and holiday services can be performed, we will continue to offer holidays to our customers who wish to travel.

If you book a holiday with us during the Covid-19 pandemic, you confirm that you have checked, understand and accept the FCDO travel advice relating to your chosen destination, including where there may be a requirement on you to quarantine upon your return to the UK (or in destination), and understand and accept that there is a heightened risk of travelling during the Covid-19 pandemic, beyond that associated with travel during ordinary times. You are also required to purchase a specialist travel insurance which includes certain cover for Covid-19.

You are required to read and accept the Acknowledgment of Risk* which hereby forms part of your contract with us. * document will be sent to you at the time of booking.

Travel advice

For up-to-date travel advice from the UK government,

visit      and

We recommend that you consult these websites before booking in order to make an informed decision about your chosen destination, and again before departure.


You must purchase specialist travel insurance policy available which includes specific cover for Covid-19 related issues and incidents which may affect your travel arrangements [and travelling to a destination subject to a FCDO advisory against travel]. It remains your responsibility to read and understand the insurance policy and ensure that it is suitable and adequate for your particular needs. Please read your policy details carefully and take them with you on holiday. If you choose to travel without adequate insurance cover, we will not be liable for any losses suffered by you in respect of which insurance cover would otherwise have been available.

Cancellationthe following clauses are in addition to our standard cancellation terms and charges:

Where you are choosing to travel to a destination subject to the FCDO advisory against non-essential travel, you accept that once your booking has been confirmed, if you decide not to travel due to the FCDO advisory, you will have to pay our standard cancellation charges as shown in these booking conditions – you are not entitled to cancel and receive a full refund in these circumstances, as it is assumed and you confirm that you have made your booking with full knowledge of the FCDO advisory against non-essential travel. 

Where your chosen destination is exempt from the FCDO advisory against non-essential travel at the time of booking but is subsequently removed from the FCDO exemption list and at that point becomes subject to the FCDO advisory against non-essential travel, you accept that you will not have the right to cancel your booking and receive a full refund. If you choose to no longer travel in these circumstances, you will have to pay our standard cancellation charges as shown in these booking conditions, as you made your booking with full knowledge of the risks of travelling during the Covid-19 pandemic.

Please note that we will have no liability for any refunds, compensation, costs, expenses or other losses of any kind incurred by you (including, where applicable, the cost of medical treatment), in the following circumstances:

  • (a) If you, or anyone in your booking party, test positive for Covid-19, or are notified or otherwise become aware that you have, or suspect you may have, come into close contact with someone who has tested positive for Covid-19 (or where they otherwise suspect they may have Covid-19) and have to self-isolate for a period of time.

If this happens within 14 days of your departure date, you must contact us immediately as you may no longer be able to travel. We will offer you the following options where possible and subject to availability:

  1. Postponing your holiday to a later date. We will notify you of any impact on the price the postponement may have (please note that you may have to pay full cancellation charges on some elements of your holiday, such as the flight, as well any increase in cost imposed by suppliers)
  2. If not everyone on the booking is affected, you will have the right to transfer your place on the holiday to another person nominated by you, subject always to compliance with the requirements within our booking conditions;
  3. Cancelling your booking, in which case we will impose our standard cancellation charges as at the date of cancellation by you. You may be able to claim these costs back from your travel insurance – please check your policy wording.

If this happens whilst you are on your holiday, please notify us immediately and we will provide such reasonable assistance as we can in the circumstances. However, we will not be responsible for covering the cost of any curtailment of your holiday, missed transport arrangements, additional accommodation required, or other associated costs incurred by you. Your travel insurance may cover some of these costs for you – please check the policy wording.

  • (b) You fail any tests, checks or other measures imposed by a supplier, airline, port or airport, border control authority or other government body or local authority or fail to submit for testing or assessment when requested to do so, and as such you are denied boarding, entry to the destination, access to the travel services or you are otherwise unable to proceed with your holiday, or any part of the holiday, or you are required to self-isolate within the destination. Your travel insurance may cover some of these costs for you – please check the policy wording.

Your holiday experience

You acknowledge that the suppliers providing your holiday will need to comply with national and/or local guidance and requirements relating to Covid-19 and have implemented certain measures as a result. This will likely include specific requirements regarding personal protective equipment, such as use of face-masks by staff (and you may be required to wear a face-mask as well), social distancing, maximum number restrictions on the use of certain facilities, designated alternative entrance and exit routes, mandatory hand sanitisation, limited entertainment options and limited food/drink availability and temperature testing. We do not expect these measures to have a significant impact on your enjoyment of your holiday and all measures will be taken with the purpose of securing your safety and those around you.

Events Beyond Our Control

In these booking conditions, “Events Beyond Our Control” means a situation which is beyond our or the supplier’s control, the consequences of which could not have been avoided even if all reasonable measures had been taken. Such situations are likely to include, whether actual or threatened, war, riot, civil strife, terrorist activity, industrial dispute, natural or nuclear disaster, adverse weather conditions, flood, epidemics and pandemics, fire, airport, port or airspace closures, restrictions or congestion, flight or entry restrictions imposed by any regulatory authority or other third party, an FCDO advisory against travel to a particular destination and any other government restrictions on travel. Except where otherwise stated in these booking conditions, we have no liability including for compensation, costs and expenses in such situations.


Should you have a complaint during your holiday please inform a member of the Company staff and the supplier of the service concerned as soon as possible. The Company will then make every effort to resolve the problem. In the unlikely event of the problem not being resolved or you wish to pursue the complaint on your return please write to Rediscover the World, St. Owen's Cross, Herefordshire HR2 8LJ within 14 days of your return giving all the relevant information. We cannot accept liability in respect of complaints which are not notified entirely in accordance with this clause.

Staff of the Company in the resort or our local agent partners are not authorised to promise any refund or compensation in respect of a clients claim and the Company will accept no such promises.


The information contained in this e-brochure is, to the best of the Company’s knowledge, correct. However it is inevitable that information relating to prices, the resort and some of the facilities will change and the Company cannot guarantee accuracy at all times or that any particular activity will take place as these services are not under our control.


When you book a holiday with us you accept responsibility for the proper conduct of yourself and the whole party. We reserve the right to terminate your holiday, or that of any member of your party, due to misconduct and we will have no further responsibility to you. If your actions or those of a member of your party cause damage to accommodation or the property of a third party or cause delay or diversion to any flight or other means of transportation. You agree to fully indemnify us against any claim (including legal costs) made against us by or on behalf of the owners of such accommodation or property or the operator of such flight or other means of transportation.


These conditions and any contract to which they apply are governed in all respects by English Law and shall be subject to the exclusive jurisdiction of the courts of England and Wales.

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