Athens - Cape Sounion Sunset tour

Romantic sunset at the Temple of Poseidon

About Athens - Cape Sounion Sunset tour


This is a lovely side trip for anyone staying in Athens. Cape Sounion is one of the most imposing spots in Greece, celebrated in verse by Lord Byron.


Activity code: ATH05

Duration: Half day

A romantic and magical visit to Cape Sounion at sunset.

"Place me on Sunium's marbled steep, Where nothing, save the waves and I, May hear our mutual murmurs sweep; There, swan-like, let me sing and die: A land of slaves shall ne'er be mine- Dash down yon cup of Samian wine!"

... wrote Lord Byron in the 19th century, who visited the Temple of Poseidon at Sounion and carved his name on one of the pillars! The temple has an impressive position giving views, on a clear day, to Kea and Kythnos, Aegina and the Peloponnese. What's more, it forms a perfect triangle with the Parthenon in Athens and the Temple of Aphaia on Aegina. On this tour you can enjoy 'Sunium's marbled steep'.

Your evening starts with a drive along the Athenian Rivera. During this relaxing ride you’ll enjoy splendid views of the Saronic Gulf while passing through some of Athens’ most beautiful suburbs, including Hellinikon Olympic complex, Glyfada, Vouliagmeni, and Varkiza.
Arriving at the Cape Sounion, you will visit the 5th century B.C. Temple of Poseidon with its magnificent panoramic view of the Aegean Sea (on a clear day you can see at least seven islands). Cape Sounion has long played an
important part in Greek mythology and history, and the first recorded mention of it occurs in the Odyssey, as the last safe landing before Poseidon scattered the returning Greek navy. As god of the sea, Poseidon was very important for ancient Greeks, and the scale of the Temple at Cape Sounion reflects that.
After visiting the Temple, you will wait to admire one of the most amazing sunsets you could ever imagine. And when the sun begins to slowly touch the sea it is the perfect moment for a sparkling glass of wine, before returning back to your hotel.

Included is a complimentary pick up and drop off service from your Athens hotel.

From 4th May - 28th September.

Every Tuesday, Friday & Saturday

Departure time:
17:30 – 19:00 approx.
The departure & return time of the tour depends from seasonality and the sunset time.
Return time:
21:00 – 22:00 approx.



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