About Mostar

Mostar is the administrative centre of Herzegovina and its largest town. Due to its mild and favourable climate, with over 230 sunny days a year, Mostar is considered a pleasant place to live and because of its history, Mostar, as we know it now, has two distinctive parts: the ancient, Old Town, which dates from the early 16th century, and the modern from 1950’s. Regardless of which route into the town you take you are met by traces of the blending of cultures and civilizations, so, in a radius of one hundred metres you can see a mosque, a Roman Catholic church and the spot of the new Mostar synagogue; from the asphalt road you will unexpectedly walk on to a cobble stone road and dive into the beauty of Mostar.

Once you enter the centre and pass the busiest streets, you will see why Mostar is known as one of the most interesting destinations in this part of Europe. Whether you are on your way as a pilgrim to Medugorje or visiting the Dervish House in Blagaj, Mostar should be a part of your journey; it is less than an hour's drive from the Adriatic coast and just over 2 hours drive from the capital of Sarajevo. The town is open for tourists throughout the year and in the summer offers numerous attractive locations, the most famous of them being The Old Bridge, originally built in 1566, and fully reconstructed in 2004. The core of The Old Town, including the Bridge is proclaimed a protected UNESCO zone for its importance and beauty.

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"I loved it, my wife not so keen. We had a double room under the main terrace accessed by steep stairs that felt like going down into a dungeon. The room looked out over a fast flowing stream which became a torrent during the night following a storm. The sound of the water, even through double glazing, was loud and woke us both up. For a few minutes we really thought we were going to be inundated. As the rooms at this level have only one set of stairs down to them and no secondary escape it was a bit un-nerving at first but once we realised the water was not coming in we relaxed a bit. Couldn't get back to sleep though. The staff were really friendly and helpful and we ate on the back terrace and had a lovely meal there. On arrival there was a notice in reception saying their credit card system was not working and all guests had to pay cash. It was soon clear to me that this was a policy rather than a problem as the notice had obviously been there for some time. Breakfast was ok but there was a large group in the hotel that got there first so it took some time to clear seats and restock the buffet. The staff worked hard and kindly went and found some fruit for my wife when asked. We would go back but would only do so with one of the rooms on the upper floors and definitely not one down in the "dungeon". These rooms below ground had no secondary means of escape and no smoke detectors. Be aware that even a window escape is impossible as there was a grill on the outside. I know they are not subject to EU regulation but we think you had a duty of care for us. You also told us the hotel had parking but it doesn't. There was a secure parking lot about 100 meters away which we managed to find by chance and we left the car there and carried our luggage up and down all the steps. Had we known, we would have repacked our bags so that we only needed one for the night. We found Mostar to be interesting and definitely worth the visit. We had been slightly concerned about having no local currency when we entered Bosnia and it would have been helpful if you had told us that Euros are widely accepted and indeed preferred in a lot of places even if they do make up their own exchange rates. ** note from Rediscover - we are very grateful for your excellent and constructive feedback and have asked our local manager to visit the hotel to investigate the room issues you mention. There is parking at this hotel but, unfortunately, because they have two separate buildings within the town you were given the wrong version of parking advice on this occasion. Advice on money in Bosnia is provided, we state that you can obtain Bosnian Marks from an ATM but hotels and tourist related businesses will also accept Euros and Croatian Kuna.  "

C Sillett, UK, October 2017

"The visit to Plitvisc lakes and falls were absolutely spectacular. Driving on the open roads is simple and easy. Through the towns can a little more nerve raking. Having a couple of nights in each place helped keep the pace realistic. Be prepared for limited ability for laundry other than the hotel services. Having 3 nights in Trogir was a little more than needed and would have been better 3 nights based in or nearer to Split as this was where most sights were. Overall it was a very interesting experience and well worth it. Croatia is a beautiful country with plenty of natural sights. Being just before the tourist season had its benefits with things being less busy. Just a few times things were not yet open. Some wonderful memories, I would not hesitate to recommend it to a friend."

G Emblen, Australia, April, 2015


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