About Imouzzer

Surrounded by magnificent waterfalls Imouzzer is a hillside retreat which is recommended for the full relaxation treatment - ideal for walking, bird watching, fossil hunting or merely putting your feet up by the pool. The journey to the hotel passes through the aptly named ‘Paradise Valley’ dotted with olive and almond trees. The village itself is famous for honey production with a festival in May.

A simply beautiful journey into the mountains just 60km to the north of Agadir; driving through a valley with a variety of landscapes and contrasting colours. Leaving Agadir, just follow the Atlantic coast along the road from Cape Ghir. The strip of sand is soon replaced by luxuriant vegetation. In Tamraght you'll see many banana groves -  small and very sweet, the bananas can be bought at the roadside. There's no need for a 4WD, take the Oulma road and cross the Asif Tamraght gorge before entering Paradise Valley. Here you'll find dwarf palm trees, argan trees which only grow in this part of Morocco, almond and olive trees, waterfalls crashing onto many different levels of rock and strangely shaped boulders.

Paradise Valley is also an area of terraced crops and undulating plateaux and this is where Imouzzer is to be found. Its surrounding area provides opportunities for refreshment breaks, whether in the natural pools of the Asif Tamraght gorge or the Tinkert wadi waterfalls (where water flows only in winter). Another product of this rich land is the honey celebrated every year, the region, particularly Izourki Oufella, produces different, highly refined, varieties of it using thyme, orange blossom and even cactus, which is very popular in Morocco. The great Berber tribe called Ida Outanane is linked to the town's name. Its strong cultural identity and its traditions can be discovered as you pass through the traditional villages of Paradise Valley. The Ida Outanane lived independently until 1927.

Walking & Sightseeing in the Imouzzer Area

Whether hiking on foot or by mule, almost all routes involve a refreshing stop at the natural pools of Assif Tamraght and the many-levelled waterfall of the "Bridal Veil", so-called because of its walls whitened by limestone. Also take a detour via the caves in the village of Assif El Had. These trips make it possible to meet inhabitants and to visit many Berber villages (Aziar, Taba, Igui n’Taguast, etc.). This is an opportunity to admire the work pottery, rug-weaving and sculpture craft studios. In this bee-keeping region, it is also possible to come across honey as well as argan cooperatives. Imouzzer and the Hotel des Cascades can be used as a base for trekking in the National Park surrounding the area. Contact us for details of day trekking opportunities and longer treks staying at the hotel and in Berber Houses and gites.

Honey festival - this takes place at the beginning of May in Imouzzer. Its thyme and wild lavender honey is unique. A mixture of almonds and argan oil, it gives us amlou, a succulent traditional dish from the Souss region.

Outdoor sports - activities like mountain-biking, riding and potholing are being developed. For potholing, the impressive Wintimdouine caves, south of Imouzzer, are the largest in Morocco (18km long!). Protected from the north winds, Taghazout is a famous surfing spot. The town has become a very popular beach resort with an intimate aspect all of its own.

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