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About Pula

Pula is located on the southern tip of the Istrian Peninsula and has been settled for at least 3000 years. Its Roman amphitheatre is the biggest outside Italy, and is still a great venue for concerts featuring international artists. Pula is also host to a film festival in early August each year. Other sights in Pula include the Arch of Segius, the Forum, the Twin Gates and the Temple of Augustus. Built during the 1st century, in the time of Cesar Augustus, these triumphal gates and temple are still in good shape considering the period they were built in. Near those two amazing structures there are also the Twin Gate, the Gate of Hercules and Augustus’s Forum, which served as a perfect demonstration spot for many marching armies, politicians and spokesman who held their great speeches. Two smaller theatres, paved with Roman square stone, have survived the burden of time and are decorated in the medieval and Roman way.

In the old Byzantine monastery that later became a Benedictine monastery, the floors and walls are still decorated with mosaics from the 6th century. The Church of Sv. Francis portrays the monastic revolution that ran from the monastery of the friars and beggars, right through to the Franciscan Monastery during the 18th century. There are still some buildings (churches) that managed to survive the split between the eastern and western Catholic Church. This one was built in the 6th century, renovated during the 10th century and then given to the Orthodox Church in the 16th century.

Museum of Istria - If you are looking for an overview of the evolution and development of civilization in this region, Museum of Istria is the best place to visit. Museum offers a variety of exhibitions, including d’art and other objects that depict the historical and cultural moments and events that took place in this area. In taking you back to where it all started, it allows you to take a peek into the way of life of people who helped build Istria the way it is today.

Pula is a useful starting point for a fly drive of the area, for example, our Coastal Odyssey or Slovenia and Istria itineraries. In fact it also works as an arrival or departure point for the catamaran service to/from Venice which has become a popular add-on. History fills the town and you could easily merit a full day's sightseeing here - not just the incredibly preserved Roman remains but also churches from almost every epoch of Christianity. Don't miss the 14th Century Byzantine fortress on the hill overlooking Pula, it houses the museum of the region.

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"Villa Oasiss, Medulin - This was a gorgeous hotel - really modern, beautiful room and bathroom and a great pool area. It was totally private and on the last day we had the pool to ourselves all day. We did have quite a bit of trouble finding it as we had been unable to download the map for this and couldn't get a signal so we drove to Medulin hoping to just stumble across it (most of the towns listed the hotels as you entered and pointed you in the general direction) but we couldn't find it anywhere. Instead we found a Tourist information office - incidentally the most unwelcoming people we came across in the whole of Croatia which seemed strange given their job! and they discovered that the hotel wasn't in Medulin but in Vinkuran about 5 miles away. There is nothing in the village so if you want any sort of night life then this is probably not the place but with a car it is perfect. The staff were all lovely - the girls really spoilt us and Stefan the manager couldn't have been more helpful if he tried - he wanted to take us out in his car and show us around.... They do have a large screen in the garden and music playing in the evening and they also do food  - on the last night there was a BBQ and a man playing live music. We visited Pula and Rovinj from there, both really easy and also the peninsular NP where you can sunbathe, cycle of do water sports. It was the perfect relaxing end to the holiday."

K Saville, UK, June, 2017

"Hotel Milan was very good: comfortable accommodation, very welcoming and friendly staff, and the food was excellent - the best of our whole stay, though much more expensive. The location was fine, half an hour walk into the city and 5 minutes from the beach."

R Swain, UK, Oct 2015


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