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In one of the most far-flung corners of Lapland is Karesuando, deep inside the Arctic Circle. It is the heart of the Sami reindeer herding region and was once an important trading post for hunters and trappers. It was also a significant border post between Finland and Sweden.

The Finnish and Swedish parts of Karesuando are divided by the mighty River Muonio. It takes about 20 minutes to cross over the bridge into Sweden from the Davvi Arctic Lodge so this will give you the opportunity to visit two countries on the short break! The town itself is in Sweden and the Davvi Arctic Lodge is on the Finnish side. There is a pretty wooden church on the Swedish side (the most northerly in Sweden) and a handful of shops and amenities.

Karesuando is set amongst miles and miles of arctic wilderness where reindeer roam freely. Here the land stretches for hundreds of miles towards the Norwegian Alps, offering views across arctic tundra, frozen lakes, rivers and silent forests.

If you stay here over New Year you'll be able to celebrate twice as Finland and Sweden are in two different time zones!

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