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About Santa Resort - Karesuando

Many of Transun's winter breaks are based in Karesuando, a small border village set on the edge of a vast wilderness where beauty, nature and wildlife abound. This small village of just 200 inhabitants is split into two, with one half of the village in Sweden and the other half in Finland, with the two countries being separated by the River Muonio: another country, another time zone, another language, another currency are just a few strides away!

This hidden setting provides a tranquil, picturesque and unspoiled backdrop for your Arctic activities and the locals have been heard to whisper that Santa’s secret cabin is nearby.  Here the land stretches for hundreds of miles west towards the Norwegian Alps, offering views across the Arctic tundra, frozen lakes and rivers and silent forests. Set in the far north of Lapland, Karesuando is part of the ancient homes of families from Europe’s last remaining tribes, the Sami people. Traditionally nomadic, many of these families still herd reindeer today.The village itself sits on the Swedish side of the River Muonio, while our chosen hotel, the Davvi Arctic Lodge, is in Finland. The village has an attractive church – the most northerly in Sweden – as well as a handful of local shops and amenities.

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