About Safi

As well as the more famous "resort" of Essaouira why not also explore beautiful Safi - famous in Morocco and around the world for the quality of its ceramic pottery.

A tour of Safi could start at the Ksar El Bahr (Castle of the Sea). This square bastion was built by the water in the 16th century by the Portuguese, whose presence would last for 50 years. Passing the ramparts, enter the medina by Souk street, along with the Place de l’Indépendance, this is the liveliest place in the city. Flanked by stalls, all the crafts trades are represented here. Level with the Great Mosque, a path leads to the Portuguese Chapel; this was constructed in 1519 at the centre of the chancel of the old cathedral.

At the end of the Rue des Forgerons, the potters' quarter occupies the hill to the left. Its land contains an exceptional clay which is the origin of Safi's reputation. A visit to the cooperative's school allows you to follow the various production stages of pottery. To find out more, don't miss the Kechla. This massive Portuguese fortress with crenellated towers offers a pretty view over the city and the sea. Through a monumental gateway giving onto the méchouar (square), arrive at the buildings housing the National Ceramics Museum. Ceramics were introduced by a potter from Fez in 1875. They stand out due to their blue colour and the highly sought-after pieces of all shapes and sizes.

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