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About Niksic

Niksic is siutuated in the Zeta river valley, a jewel lit by the sunny peaks of the nearby mountains and is the second largest city in Montenegro. It is a city of rich history and great soul known for its hospitality.

Niksic is flanked by three lakes: Krupac, Slano and Liverovici. During the summer months these lakes are the main places for day trippers and holiday makers. Niksic is also well known for its production of the famous Niksicko beer. In the city itself is the monumental Saborna Church, dedicated to Saint Vasilije and surrounded by a beautiful park.

Niksic really does have a long history, dating back to the Romans and includes periods under the Goths, Slavs and Turks. A large section of the walls and fortress have been restored but just inside the walls is a street reputed to have changed very little since the 16th Century.

The city's natural beauty is shown off along the river valley, including a fabulous stone bridge and the Forest Park of Trebjesa on the edge of Niksic is more than just a hill overgrown with conifer trees, it is a paradise for lovers of the outdoors, a path for athletes and wanderers, it is the "town lungs" for those eager for clean air.

In the vicinity of Niksic, in the direction of Podgorica, high in the cliffs, is the greatest spiritual centre of Montenegro, the Monastery of Ostrog. Founded in the 12th century by Metropolitan Vasilije, who was later proclaimed Saint and miracle worker. Today his relics are here and Ostrog is the most visited Orthodox shrine in the Balkans.


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