About Sahara Region

If you have come this far then you must visit the fringes of the Sahara and you can do this at Erfoud (Merzouga and the dunes at Erg Chebbi) and Zagora (M'Hamid and the dunes at Ch'Gagga and Erg Lihoudi), both of which offer the opportunity to explore the desert by camel or 4WD, or even by quad bike.

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Er Rachidia

Er Rachidia is the first town you arrive in that is truly "of the south" and after a long drive down from Fez you may wish to consider this as an ideal break in your journey before tackling the desert region. Er Rachidia is located at one end of the stunning Ziz Valley, an ideal stop-over hotel for those en route from Fez to the south or vice-versa.


Erfoud is a perfect base for Merzouga and the dunes at Erg Chebbi - the opportunity to explore the desert by camel or 4WD, even quad bikes. The ideal spot to enjoy desert life and experience Morocco's most important oasis, the Tafilalet, as well as venturing over to see the Erg Chebbi (massive dunes) beyond Merzouga. The famous date festival is held here in October.


Merzouga is 25 kms of mostly dirt track from Erfoud, this is the location for many visitor's unforgettable Sahara experience, which may be an exhilarating walk up and down the dunes, an overnight camel trek or simply the most stunning views at sunrise and sunset.


Deep in the south, well beyond Ouarzazate, is the stunning Draa Valley and the main town, on the fringes of the Sahara is Zagora. This is the place you should head to if you are looking to visit the oasis of M'Hamid and the dunes at Erg Lihoudi and Ch'Gagga. An incredible drive along the Draa Valley will bring you into Zagora which is an outpost in the deep south; famously on the edge of town is the signpost indicating Timbuktou to be a mere 52 days journey across the desert (by camel caravan of course).

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